Best Rice Mills for the satisfaction of our potential and valueable customers, we present the best quality in various kind of Rice. We take special care on quality of our products and export them to the international standards. Company profile has to no compromise on product quality and purity.
Our Local Brands :

  • Pakistani Super Basmati Parboiled Rice
  • Pakistani Super Basmati Steam Rice
  • Pakistani Super Basmati Brown Rice

Sher-e-Punjab Special 1121

Double Steam Rice

Extra Long Grain 1121 white rice (Sliky, Double Polished and Colour Sortexed)

  • xtra Long Grain 1121 parboiled Rice
  • xtra Long Grain 1121 Steam Rice

Supreme Basmati Rice

Extra Long Grain

We produce the best quality of super basmati rice. Super Basmati Rice is the World’s top quality of Basmati Rice due to extra long grain, natural aroma and delicious taste. Super Basmati Rice, when cooked extends to 2 times its uncooked size.

We are producing best long grain PK 386 rice in our rice mill. PK-386 is long grain rice and stands second after Super Basmati rice in scale. PK-386 is good in cooking and size and this is good choice in reasonable price.

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